Three Massive Mistakes

Apr 20, 2018

Your love affair with yoga began the very first time you stepped on the mat.

Something awakened within you and you knew you wanted more.

Teacher training felt like the right next step. You imagined your days spent in yoga pants, feeling the zen, inspiring others. It would be easy.


Nope. Not so easy.

Your 200 hours of yoga training was amazing but made your head spin. It taught you the basics but left you still feeling insecure about teaching and your ability to make a good living doing what you love.

Maybe you’re a little scared. (Maybe a lot.)

You know you WANT to teach effectively - heck, brilliantly, but you don’t necessarily know HOW to create classes and build a business that’s super inspiring and impactful for your students, like the ones that inspired you.

What to do?

Here are 3 mistakes even the best teachers make that will keep you from teaching with the greatest impact:

#3. Mimicking Others

There are some truly amazing teachers out there. As a student, you’ve likely fallen in love with a few. And as a teacher, you probably compare yourself to them as you look for inspiration.

It is so tempting to think you aren’t good enough or don’t have enough knowledge, experience or finesse. Self doubt and lack of confidence is familiar to everyone who is expanding into something new. It is a natural byproduct of stretching yourself and growing.

Behind every great teacher is a history. Those great teachers learned, doubted and struggled too. But every time they taught they grew, and their students got value. Instead of focusing on what they couldn’t do they focused on what they could do and kept giving - and became amazing.

Here is the solution for you.

Instead of thinking of what you don't and and can’t do, focus on what you DO have and CAN do.

To truly be impactful as a teacher, you must find your own authentic voice. You are a creative genius, gifted with a unique perspective and distinctive voice. You can tap into the power of your own creativity by practicing pratyahara, turning inward.

Cultivate your inner guide with this fun “Find My Creative Genius” Cheat Sheet.

It gives you 3 real world solutions to cultivate your inner guide. Use it for your own practice or to teach your very next class with greater authenticity. Download it HERE.

#2. Shrinking Personal Practice

Are you a “yes yogi?” Do you take every teaching opportunity you’re offered, crowding out your own time to practice?

You gotta stop.

Your well has to be FULL for you to be most effective.

Practicing yoga is what got you on this path. It was the spark felt on your mat that lit your fire and inspired you to teach. You have to keep that feeling close to inspire others.

Learn to say no to all those things you really can’t handle (or really don’t want). Then you’ll have more room to fill yourself up with what truly excites you.

Don’t let your well run dry. Fill it up. Give from your OVERFLOW and your impact will be so much greater.

What’s the most important asana practice for a yoga teacher who is short on time?

Here is a favorite 10 minute practice video. Get the video HERE.

You DO have time.

And the number one mistake yoga teachers make that keeps them from teaching with the greatest impact is . . .

#1. Mistaken Identity

Yes, yoga is a physical practice. But c'mon, you know its real power doesn’t lie just in the strength and vitality it gives to your body.

Offering a killer set of vignettes can be fun and challenging, but by itself falls short of awesome.

To teach an awesome and inspiring class that builds a fiercely loyal following, you need to go deeper than just body mechanics.

The number one massive mistake yoga teachers make is that they neglect their inner being and live like ordinary people when they are extraordinary people - they are YOGIS.

The real power of yoga lies beyond the poses.

In the same way we mistake the outer form of the poses for the real power of the practice, we have a mistaken identity about ourselves.

When you live in your true identity it gives you secret powers of  heightened prana and lifeforce.


This doesn’t come naturally for any of us.

We need a system to help us. This is where many teacher trainings and studios fall short. As teachers we MUST have a daily sadhana practice to connect to and care for our our inner self as well as our outer self.

You have three power places - gut, heart, head. Don’t be upside down, leading with the head alone. Feed your body, mind and soul equally with daily sadhana to give you true inner power.

Your sadhana will feed you. It is your daily, personal, individual spiritual effort. It is the main tool you use to work on yourself to build prana and purpose.

Unclear on what to do to begin a regular sadhana? Here is a checklist that will give you structure and get you started.

It gives you exactly what you need to daily feed body, mind and spirit so you can teach awesome yoga.

Get your checklist HERE.


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