The Secret to All Day Energy

Oct 17, 2018
People wonder what’s wrong with me?
Why am I so tired? So stressed, anxious, preoccupied so often? Why is it a struggle to feel good, really good, consistently? 

All these symptoms can addressed by raising the quality and quantity of your personal prana and the good news is that there are very SPECIFIC THINGS you can do to build your prana!



Chi, Qi, Mana; these are names for the same thing in very different cultures. It's the lifeforce that animates you, brings you to life and empowers you to give and receive love.

In the West we call this energy.

This lifeforce is flowing like a river, constantly.

When your personal prana is strong you’re effective, feel energized, confident, clear and healthy. When its diminished you feel drained, confused, discouraged, depressed, tired.

Because it's like a river, it fluctuates. Your prana can run low or high.

When it's low you experience:

  • low energy
  • depression
  • confusion
  • physical symptoms
  • mental fog

None of these is fun. And none are how you were meant to live life.

Today I’m sharing 3 ways to quickly build your lifeforce energy.


Do this now:

Put your hands on your heart. Take a full slow breath and go inside. Feel the aliveness. Keep breathing and stay here until you feel it.

If your prana has dropped to a low level you might feel sadness or tears well up. Or you might feel cynical or skeptical.

Stay with the FEELING of your heart and your breath. Think of something you are grateful for and let gratitude wash through you.

Pretty easy to do, right? But we were never taught this.

Instead we're given anti depressants and therapy. (Not that there isn't a place for those.)

The point is, when your prana runs strong, you can withstand ANYTHING.


WHAT do I mean by “what you take in”?

Build up your personal prana by what you put in your body, mind and heart.

What are you putting in your eyes, ears and mouth?


There are high prana, low prana and NO prana foods.

You need to know which to eat, how often and when. Basically, if it's grown in the ground or on a tree and looks like food, it has lifeforce in it.

If it's in a box and processed, not so much.                                


What are you taking in with your eyes? What are you choosing to look at?

Is it inspiring or disturbing?

I'm talking about social media, screen time, news - what are you watching? Violent movies, negative reporting and posts that cause competition or self depreciation drain your prana.


How are you breathing your way through your day? Diminished shallow breathing causes diminished prana. Get to a yoga class and do some pranayama!

Huge shifts happen when you work with your breath.


 I think you're getting the idea....

What are you listening to? Are the books, posts, podcasts, and music you listen to building your pranic field or depleating it?

More importantly, what are you telling yourself?? What thoughts are you accepting and listening to?

Add mantras into your playlists. They release negativity and are great for building your prana.

They can shift your vibrational frequency in a very short time.


This is easy, right? What makes you feel energized and alive?

Think of 3 things you love to do...Walking the ocean? Watching movies cuddled at home? Cooking? Dancing? 

Right now, Write down three things.

(I'll wait.....)

Now, look at your list.

Schedule more of these things into your week. Commit to doing more of what you love! It will build your prana.

Remember my friends, The power is in the DOING, not the KNOWING.

So implement!

Please share this with someone who could use an energy boost.

And next time we'll dive into prana and doshas.



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