Level Up Your Happiness

Apr 05, 2019

Think about your last great vacation.

What was the best part of your trip? Hanging out with family or friends? Staring out at the ocean? Wandering through an amazing city? 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it was fabulous because you were relaxed and engaged. You slowed down and you were tuned in.


You returned feeling refreshed and more connected to yourself.

Beyond the pose meditation beachThis post is coming to you from vacationland (really, mine, on Kauai) and I’m sharing 3 great mindfulness exercises that can help you feel relaxed, engaged and more connected to yourself.

Because, like a vacation mindfulness is supposed to feel good.

These are simple daily mindfulness practices for living life more fully and joyfully. Aloha!


People tell me they are too busy to meditate. Our days are very full, it’s true, but still somehow we always find a few minutes to brush our teeth.

This is a perfect time for mindfulness practice.

As you squeeze the toothpaste onto your brush, watch it. Stay present with the smell and taste.

Use these moments to set a strong intention for your day. What one word will your day become? What words will you speak to encourage yourself and others?

Let this simple mindful meditation at the beginning and end of your day be a reminder to watch your words and speak with integrity.


Before you go to bed slip a small stone in your shoes. Set a morning alarm on your phone to say “FEET”. Today you are going to become mindful of your soles.

When you rise, notice the feeling as your feet touch the floor. Warm? Smooth? Everyday our feet hit the floor it’s a good day.

Remember to smile as you slip your feet into your shoes. Then remove the stone after you pause in awareness – this shouldn’t be painful!

Throughout the day, just for today, set phone alarms at certain intervals during the day to remind you to focus on your soul, uh, I mean soles.

When you are aware of the bottoms of your feet, your balance will improve and you will have a sense of grounding and connection to the earth. Being aware of the feet gives rise to both physical stability and mental equanimity.

Challenge yourself with each step you take to keep your mind still and keep your awareness on your foundation.


Each time the phone rings take three long, slow breaths before you pick it up. Notice if this makes you anxious.

This is a way of reminding yourself to be present and aware for more moments of your day. Don’t worry, your friends will get used to your delayed “hello?’ and you might get a reputation for being mindful.

Remember, even though you might not have twenty minutes to sit before you start your day, you can take twenty “one minute” meditations throughout the day....

As you drink your tea, as you walk to your car, when you sit at your desk, before you click on the television – take one minute to STOP.

Become aware of your breath, your body, and all the sensations you feel. It will train and strengthen your mind and create a feeling of delight in the simple moments of your day.

Pick one of these mindfulness exercises and really commit to it for the day - for the week. Which one will you do? Leave a comment below.


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