Enjoying The Ride?

Jul 11, 2019

I watch how the kids love to twirl in circles - whether dancing or riding a carousel. It just feels good. Wonder why?

 We are all composed of energy that whirls and flows; dynamic and changeable energy wheels. Trauma or daily stress can throw your energy out of whack and when these energy wheels, called chakras, get unbalanced life can feel harder than it needs to feel.

 Because your chakras have the momentum of a merry-go-round, once they get going in one direction it takes some effort to reverse directions. 

 If this sounds like your experience, I've got good news. 

It can be simple to get yourself back to humming and twirling in energetic harmony.

I use some reliable methods to correct the spin of my energy field.Breath exercises, kundalini and hatha yoga, mantras, pranic techniques and simple life practices can quickly pay off big time. Here's a Blueprint for Self Care.

To correct imbalances, it's really helpful to understand a little about the nature of each chakra and how to work with it. Here's a quick overview.


You have seven major energy centers. They are focal points of energy and also centers of consciousness. They have a direct, immediate and profound effect on your daily life.

Depending on what's going on in your daily life, you will operate from different chakras in different situations. The type of energy at each chakra will act like a magnet to attract similar vibrations to it, which will recreate similar reactions and results in your life.

This is important because the energy at any chakra can be balanced and strong or unbalanced and weak. You can see why it's important to maintain a healthy spin and take care of these powerful focal points of energy. When the chakra is balanced you live as an empowered, conscious, capable and compassionate human being.

The first chakra deals with issues of trust, safety and grounding. If you feel overly anxious or worried, this chakra is weak. Its theme is I NEED.

Second chakra deals with your five senses and how you personally experience the world. It's your love for life and how creatively you live. If you are uncomfortable with pleasure, you can boost this energy center. Its theme is I FEEL.

Third chakra influences the way you show your personal power and confidence. If it's unbalanced you'll likely be either burned out or overbearing or self conscious, rarely taking action.  Its theme is I CHOOSE.

Fourth is your heart center. The energy of your heart can be open or closed, depending on the healthy balance of your heart chakra. If many of your relationships are rocky, this chakra needs strengthening. Its theme is I LOVE.

Fifth chakra is at the throat where your words come out. Speech is powerful. Unbalanced throat chakras are either unable to shut up or speak up. It could need help if you're frequently afraid of saying the wrong thing or speaking your truth. Its theme is I EXPRESS.

Sixth chakra governs your mind. The mind can be clear or foggy. You might be very analytical and logical but can't visualize or imagine. Or maybe you're a dreamer and intuitive but have a hard time with understanding and perceiving things. Its theme is I SEE.

Seventh chakra governs your higher consciousness.  It allows you to experience the goodness of the universe directly and to be aware and open to things beyond this physical realm. It might be stunted and closed or ever opening to higher levels of growth and spiritual connection. Its theme is I KNOW.


The perfect thing to do is to work with someone who understands chakra energy and how to open and balance it. This is a good way to learn and to overcome any unknown obstacles because often, we are blind to our biggest issues and challenges and at a loss to affect real change.

If you want to begin on your own, here's a FREE blueprint for self care for your chakras.

For a light hearted, easy way to begin to work with these energies, you can also do the simple things listed below.

Pick ONE chakra to work with at a time. Doing this will bring your focus to the quality of that chakra and how it plays out in your daily life. The suggestions below are merely springboards to help you gain momentum to shift any unbalances you feel.

If you are feeling anxious, fearful or long to be more grounded, strengthen your FOUNDATION, chakra 1:

  • Connect to the earth, rest your hands on your body, walk barefoot in the sand.

To generate creativity and emotional stability, strengthen your VITALITY, chakra 2:

  • Think of three things you love to do and more of them!

To foster personal power & change, strengthen your POWER, chakra 3:

  • Do something hard and feel good about your effort.

To become more joyful, loving and empathetic, strengthen your HEART CENTER, chakra 4:

  • Call someone you love. Call someone who loves you.

If you have trouble speaking up and finding your voice, strengthen your EXPRESSION, chakra 5:

  • Turn up the volume on a favorite song and sing as loud as you want.

For insight, learning and trusting your instincts, strengthen your VISION, chakra 6:

  • Instead of screen time and scrolling in the evening, grab colorful markers and doodle. (No one else will see it.)

To lift your mood, detach from ego and connect to higher self, strengthen your SPIRITUAL CONNECTION, chakra 7:

  • Meditate or make an ongoing list of what you're thankful for.

Whether you choose one of the above ideas or something else such as yoga, pranayama or pranic healing to get your inner energies twirling in harmony and balance - do something.

Take care of your chakras the way you take care of your body and mind and they will support you in everything you do.

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