Jan 04, 2019

Energy gets funky. Some days it feels like an uphill climb.

You’re tempted to be mediocre. Or quit.

But you’ve got important work to do in the world and can’t afford to not show up.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a parent, healer or ANYONE who must show up day after day and deliver, you want to find a way to deliver your best.

So what can you do??

Here are three tangible ways you can help yourself.

  1. Take care of basics
  2. Get support
  3. Use energy tools

I know that this isn’t breaking news to any of you, but start by getting

  • good sleep
  • proper nourishment
  • quality hydration
  • regular exercise

It really helps.

You probably know this - but are you doing it?

*** Knowing something and doing it are entirely different things - aka cheating on yourself.***


You need to have a support system. When energy runs low or gets depressed, frustrated discouraged or sad you need support.

Friends who inspire and encourage you, yoga classes that renew your soul.

If, though, in spite of doing all these things you still find yourself in a minor (or major) funk, it might be your energy field that needs tuning up.


There are other things you can easily do - quickly do - that will create a shift.

I call them energetic tools. They help when you want to stop the funk and change your attitude. You can do them in a few moments or create a daily routine.

These tools will

  • release the negative funk field
  • clear your mind
  • ground you in the truth of who you really are.

They reaffirm YOU so YOU can be YOU.

Then you can confidently take action that is your best.


One of my favorite techniques works to clear discordant energy from your auric field, or as the scientific world calls it - your electromagnetic field.

I've shown this technique to my many of my yoga students over the years even though it really isn't a yoga move or asana.

Here's how to do it:

  • Begin with an intention to clear your field of negative or discordant energy.

  • Inhale and reach your arms overhead, palms facing away from each other.

  • Float them down to your side slowly on a long exhale.

  • Repeat this action three times mentally stating, "Clear, clear, clear” as you float them down.


This technique is very effective because it works on multiple levels of energy.

  • mental

  • magnetic

  • physical

  • quantum

  • spiritual


Having awareness that your energy is off is a valuable mental skill. Then, instead of wallowing in the bad vibes, setting an intention to actually DO SOMETHING to change your state, is another valuable mental skill. It goes a long way.

These skills can be developed through regular meditation


There are magnetic energy centers called chakras in the palms of your hands. They act to neutralize and clear your energy field as you draw them through the auric field around you. You are sweeping the charge that influences your mood. 


Slowing down and breathing slowly automatically calms the nervous system which has a domino effect on the endocrine, digestive and elimination systems. The result is access to greater resources for physical endurance.


Working with energy is non physical. We see, hear, touch and taste in the physical plane; the three dimensional world. Shifting from the three dimensional plane into the quantum field opens new possibilities. You are operating by rules of an entirely different realm. When you practice attuning to this realm you can experience a different reality which is the quantum field.


When you end with this statement:

“I am now activated by divine intelligence, motivated by divine love
and guided by divine power"

you connect to the higher self and immediately raise your frequency.

It's great to have a daily energy tune up routine to stay out of the funk. It definitely helps to quickly shift energy, mood and reality.

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