Dec 30, 2019
Energy gets funky.
Some days it feels like an uphill climb. You’re tempted to be mediocre. Or quit.
ANYONE who must show up day after day and deliver needs to find a way to be their best. Whether it's parenting, teaching, creating, healing or leading.
You’ve got important work to do in the world and can’t afford to not show up when you have to.
So how do you do it?
Strategically. You need to have a system in place so when the funk appears you're ready for it.
  1. Do the basics
  2. Get support
  3. Tune up your energy
This isn’t breaking news, but you can start with the basics. Like getting
You know all this, but are you doing it?
Knowing something and doing it are different things. Don't cheat on yourself.
Regular meditation is basic too. It will help you train yourself to get out of your head when you're experiencing difficult emotions (aka funky energy).
Back off from the emotion or mental confusion and just FEEL IT as energy. It will move.
Develop a strong support system.
Ask for help when you're in a funk. It makes a huge difference.
You only need a few people who inspire, encourage and your renew your soul. Share what you're feeling with your partner, therapist, spiritual advisor, teacher or trusted friend.
Have some "go to" books, podcasts, videos or blogs that reliably shift your state.
If you're doing all these things you're still in a minor (or major) funk, try an energy tune up.
Tune ups are tools you can use to help create an energy shift.
They help stop the funk. You can do them in a few moments or create a daily routine.
They release the negative funk field, clear your mind and ground you. They reaffirm you so YOU can be YOU and take action that is your best.
This technique clears discordant energy from your aura or your electromagnetic field.
I've shown this technique to my yoga students over the years even though it isn't a yoga move or asana.
Here's how to do it:
  • Begin with an intention to clear your field of negative or discordant energy.
  • Extend your arms overhead, palms facing away from each other.
  • Float them down with a long exhale.
  • Repeat this action three times mentally stating, "Clear, clear, clear” as you exhale.
This technique is very effective because it works on many levels of energy.
  • mental
  • magnetic
  • physical
  • quantum
  • spiritual
Having awareness that your energy is off is a valuable mental skill. Instead of settling for bad vibes, set an intention to actually DO SOMETHING to change your state.
This is a valuable mental skill. It goes a long way.
Develop it through regular meditation.
There are magnetic energy centers called chakras in the palms of your hands. They act to neutralize and clear your energy field as you draw them through the auric field around you. You are sweeping the charge that influences your mood.
When you slow down your breath it calms the nervous system. This has a domino effect on the endocrine, digestive and elimination systems. The result is access to greater resources for physical endurance.
Working with energy is non physical. We see, hear, touch and taste in the physical plane which is the three dimensional world.
Shifting from the three dimensional plane into the quantum field opens new possibilities. You are operating by rules of a different realm.
Practice attuning to this realm and you'll experience the quantum field.
Immediately connect to your higher self and raise your frequency when you end the tune up with this statement:
“I am now activated by divine intelligence, motivated by divine love and guided by divine power."
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