Quick Stress Relief

Jan 06, 2020

"High levels of stress, even over a short period of time, produce negative results such as prolonged healing times, reduction in ability to cope and heightened vulnerability to infection."   - Dartmouth Journal of Science

Those are serious side effects. And if that's not bad enough....it's hard on the ego too.
Here's why.
Your brain becomes foggy when you're stressed. This impaired thinking affects your reasoning. (And your memory!)
The result? You say stupid stuff, do things you regret or forget things you know that you know. Ouch.
High stress levels also lead to the accumulation of abdominal fat.
 That's not good for your heart. (Or your ego.)
This is definitely needs to change!


  1. Do a body check-in.
  2. Focus on your breath.
  3. Do a little yoga. (Or a lot.) 
This is simple to do.
Feel your body. Go inward for a moment, closing your eyes for a few seconds. Notice. Are you tensing your shoulders? Chewing your lip? Jiggling your foot?
This simple body check-in is the first step to releasing tension.

Right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Again.

It's the most simple thing to do. Pause. Focus on your breath, feel your heartbeat and relax your body.


Feeling your body, breathing consciously.... it sounds a lot like yoga, right?

Your body loves to move and stretch. When you do, your whole nervous system gives a giant sigh of relief. It feels amazing.

Don't make it complicated! I'm not talking about an hour long yoga class (although that can be wonderful for stress relief).

  1. Stand and reach up.
  2. Soften your knees and fold forward.
  3. Let your head hang.
  4. Feel your back release and muscles open.

Try five minutes of sun salutations before getting out of your pjs.

During the day do a couple twists in your chair. At night, lie on the floor and put your legs on the wall or sofa.


Any time you need to shift your state, take action. Disappointment disempowers. Prolonged stress is dangerous. You might not be able to eliminate difficult emotions and stress in your life but you can do something to manage it.

Start today.

Do a body check in now. Make a habit of doing it throughout the day. 

Right now take a moment to breathe deeply, slowly. Do some yoga whenever you can.

Your heart, your memory and your ego will thank you.


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