Beware of the Yoga Scam

Aug 10, 2019
Your 200 hours of yoga training was amazing but made your head spin.

Sure, it taught you the basics but left you still feeling insecure about being ready to actually teach.

Maybe you’re feeling discouraged and a little confused. You want to feel excited again. This guide will help.

I get it.

All that information overload... it's enough to make some people give up and shrink from the expansive vision they had for themselves and their life.

Don’t be that person.

That would be like buying into a yoga scam that screams,

"Learn all this asana, anatomy, cueing and THAT'S ALL YOU NEED to teach awesome yoga!"

That's a scam.

The real power of yoga lies beyond the poses. It begins with your own divine creativity and rediscovering your unique way of being in the world.

Yep. What you need now is simple and sweet.

A spark that ignites your next step.

And no, it's not more alignment cues or ways to build your yoga teaching business (although we can certainly help you with both of those).

But we don't want to overload you.

There's a simple thing you can do right now to tap into your own unique Creative Genius.

It's a great little step to light your way towards teaching awesome, inspiring yoga that will

  • help others

  • be an endeavor you love

  • create a fiercely loyal following

  • and bring you prosperity (in every sense of the word)

So start HERE and tap into your CREATIVE GENIUS. Don’t believe the yoga scam. Or any negative self talk.

Don't neglect your inner teacher and live like an ordinary person when you are extraordinary. Just look at all you've been through!


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