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"Catherine asked the hard questions that have gone deeper than most conversations go. She’s a like-minded soul-based person who is patient and beyond understanding about my reticence about my business and totally relates to my issues. She has a wonderful understanding and is an encouraging, supportive ally."

Theresa Hupp Schwartz
Certified Life Coach

"Through our sessions Catherine gave me simple tools that I could use on a daily basis to shift my emotional state and harsh thoughts. I was able to change my perspective and see hope for the future. I actually became excited about life, something I'm not sure I ever felt before. "

Yoga Teacher

"Before working together I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be able to feel confident that I would be able to share that with someone else. Now I feel I can help others. Now I have the knowledge and tools to create a yoga flow and practice regularly. Catherine has also helped me with reframing my thoughts and showed me ways to work through them on my own. "

Olivia Mick
Mentorship Client

"The greatest impact I’ve experienced working with Catherine is that it has been very practical and actionable. I feel healthier, happier and it's even improved my daily stamina."

Dot Cole

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