Soul connection, health and fitness have always been my passions.

So when I found yoga, it was love at first OM.

That passion turned into teaching yoga and training yoga teachers.

But things didn't flow quite the way I imagined they would... 

After decades of long days spent running from studio to studio without a real plan or long term vision, I finally dug deep made a change.


I took a deep breath and a deep dive into Life Visioning, Quantum Life Coaching, Creating Online Courses, Advanced Yoga Therapy and training.

I've combined EVERYTHING from a lifetime of study into powerful practices and actionable formulas. This is the foundation of my courses and mentorships.



I support soul seekers and healers with regular inspiration, online courses, mentorships and practical life tools.

I help yoga teachers and yogis, like you, find a richer, deeper practice to take your yoga vibe off the mat and into your daily life.



I'm a midwestern girl, now living with my family in sunny San Diego

(Still love my Chicago deep dish pizza)


My soul mate (together 45+ years!) is also Chicago guy, a yogi and an entrepreneur. (That's us jumping for joy in the pic)


Two days a week I get to hang out with my amazing grandkids - all five of them


I LOVE writing and authored a best seller, Yoga, Midlife Pain Relief Secrets


I'd love to meet up for tea one day, but I'll warn you I'm a bit of a tea snob.  (Drank A LOT of it while writing the book...)


The world is changing. I believe that today's healers, yogis and yoga teachers are uniquely positioned to support positive change. We can do that by going Beyond The Pose.TM

Let's stay connected.

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