Hi, I'm Catherine.

I help soul seekers, yogis and healers find their INNER POWER so they can live their OUTER PURPOSE. 


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Join a yoga immersion or 200 hr teacher training.

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Soul Coaching

Work with me to uncover and live your highest purpose.

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Free classes, information and inspiration.

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You got bit by the yoga bug.

So did I.  So hard, that I'm dedicated to supporting YOU on your yoga journey.

Join me to deepen your practice, broaden your knowledge and hear the voice of your inner guru.

My programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, designed to be a resource for soul seekers and offer advanced training and certification for yoga teachers.

Here's what people are saying...

"A transformative process."

"I’m no longer stuck. This work together has given me the tools to flourish, manifest my purpose and find my voice."

-Val Kane, RYT

"Pays huge dividends"

"Catherine is the best of the best. Every week she brings something new and fresh.  I am convinced that time our team spends with Catherine each week pays huge dividends, both at work and in our personal lives."

- Scott Vinson

CS Illumination

"Comprehensive approach"

"Thank you Catherine for the comprehensive approach to my physical and mental well being. I'm still becoming a stronger me with your coaching!"

- Rebecca Jones

Mayor, City of San Marcos

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What you really want is to do something you love, have the flexibility to travel or be with your kids, to be your own boss, help others and make a difference in the world.

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